YourWay Cannabis Brands was built with one simple driving principle in mind: keep the consumers’ needs and wants center-stage with every decision we make. Our mission is to build a comprehensive family of brands, spanning all consumption categories, designed to create a sense of belonging for every cannabis consumer – regardless of their relationship with the plant – ensuring every individual has brands that enhance every occasion, and products that fit their lifestyles.

Through building our own brands, partnering with others, and providing white-labeled product, we are dedicated to expanding our reach; remolding the cannabis industry and ultimately, redefining the way consumers and cannabis brands interact.

Our motivated leadership team is made up of talented marketing, sales, retail, and operations professionals, along with an experienced collective of growers and cultivators. This group has a profound understanding of industry dynamics and consumer psychographics, utilizing decades of brand-building expertise and an integral insight on the customer experience to develop brands that fill current gaps in the marketplace.

With a focused leadership team and a strong financial foothold, YourWay will continue to expand strategically: creating intuitive brands, releasing thoughtful products, and working intentionally to create a sophisticated family of brands that caters to every moment in a consumer’s life.