YourWay’s portfolio of cannabis brands is built to reflect and appeal to a wide spectrum of consumer lifestyles, from those who are familiar with the plant to those who are brand new to it. While our brands cater to a range of different needs, each offers a trusted, quality, consistent experience – giving our consumers complete control over their cannabis journeys.

Venom Extracts is a high-performing brand with a very focused goal: to provide consistent, quality products at affordable price points. Award-winning three years consecutively, powered by a skilled operational team dedicated to innovation, Venom Extracts works passionately to create the best products possible for their consumers.

For the everyday cannabis user who’s looking to kick things up a notch, Wicked is the brand for you. Pre-rolls with a wicked twist are the name of the game. Enhanced and infused with a variety of concentrates, from shatter to hash, these pre-rolls were specifically designed for a truly elevated cannabis experience. 

Ionic, a small batch luxury cannabis oils brand based out of Washington state, is passionate about crafting the finest small batch cannabis oils and cannabis concentrates in the world. Their pillars of Quality, Responsibility and Respectability are the guiding principles that have inspired the distinctive finish and curated experiences that they create, allowing you to elevate your cannabis experience.

Zoots is dedicated to empowering the cannabis consumer through delivering handcrafted small batch treats made with premium infused cannabis. Born out of a study in fine, artisan-crafted cannabis nibbles and drinks, these unique blends are tailored to your interests, desires and intentions. Zoots products are convenient, intuitive, and best of all, delicious.

Classy never looked so good. Cowlitz Gold is of the highest tier, where we offer only our finest products. Looking for a better taste? You might be ready for this elegant, yet affordable, new level of cannabis glory.

Dab Dudes specializes in BHO wax and is meant for dabtastic people. Dab Dudes uses only the finest cannabis materials in the market and our proprietary gas mix helps aid our quality process, creating end products full of terpenes, embracing the fullest flavor possible.

Hi Guys is weed made for the everyday, trucker-hat-wearing, domesticated working class. We source the cleanest products from around the state and deliver them to our customer in multiple forms; including flower, joints and BHO.